In KS3 pupils learn the key skills of History in preparation for KS4 and GCSE. They explore aspects of cause, consequence, change, continuity, significance, interpretation and source skills through a range of studies. In year 7 pupils study their local community to understand change and continuity locally. They then look at the importance of Remembrance before undertaking a unit of work on what the Roman legacy is to Britain.

After Christmas they study the making of Medieval England, The Tudors and Elizabethan England. In year 8 pupils follow the Stuarts through the Gunpowder plot and Civil War; Industrialisation and Colonialism; The slave trade; The role of media. In year 9 pupils prepare themselves for GCSE. Key skills including analysing sources and aspects of change and continuity are practiced. They undertake a depth study of the Holocaust before researching Edwardian England and the Great War in preparation for year 10.