Social Values

Year 7

Throughout Year 7 students will study a variety of introductory topics which will provide them with a good foundation for future study. These topics will include a combination of Religious Education, PSHE and Citizenship.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Christianity- Ceremonies, Symbols and Customs
  • Term 2 - Healthy Eating – how to achieve a healthy diet. Exploration of food groups.
  • Term 3 - Risk Taking Behaviour- to include aspects of rail, road and water safety.
  • Term 4 - Judaism – Ceremonies, Symbols and Customs.
  • Term 5 - Prejudice and Discrimination- including ageism, sexism and racism.
  • Term 6 - Global Issues- including aspects of farming, sweatshops and fair trade foods.

Year 8

In Year 8 students will build on the foundations set in place in the previous year. They will once again include a combination of Religious Education, PHSE and Citizenship. This year provides the opportunity for extended independent learning with students embarking on a number of short projects.

Scheme of Work Summary:

  • Term 1 - Animal Welfare- Including planning an animal welfare campaign.
  • Term 2 - Cultural Identity- Including refugees, asylum seekers and groups indigenous to certain areas of the world.
  • Term 3 - Sikhism- Symbols, Culture and Customs.
  • Term 4 - Financial Capability- Planning a budget and managing a budget.
  • Term 5 - Buddhism-Customs, Symbols and Traditions.
  • Term 6 - Healthy Lifestyle – Alcohol and Smoking and their effects on health.