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Extracurricular Clubs


Club/Revision Session

When and Where

Contact Persons


Dr Who Club

Drawing and Colouring Club


Lunchtime  T12

Lunchtime  T10

Lunchtime  M6

Mr Reed/Thomas Watson

Mrs Butlin

Ms Cox


Art Club KS3/KS4

Magic The Gathering club

Games Strategy Club


Debate Club

Senior Band


Rugby  (all year groups)

Netball (all year groups)

Hair and Beauty catch up/revision

Art KS4 catch up/revision

Humanities Homework KS3/KS4 Club

Lunchtime  B14

Lunchtime  R7

Lunchtime  T10

Lunchtime  T21

Lunchtime  B9

Lunchtime  M6


3.30-4.30   Sportshall/Field

3.30-4.30   Sportshall

3.20-5.00   Salon

3.30-4.30   B14

3.30-4.00   B17

Mrs Barker

Mr Dobson

Mrs Rowe

Mrs Lawn/Talia/Oliver

Mr Millard

Ms Cox


Mr Leech/Mr Burden

Mrs Barnes/Mrs Dadswell

Mrs Baker

Mrs Barker

Humanities Team


Creative Club

Warhammer/Board Games Club

Film Club

Ukulele Club


Fitness (all year groups)

Maths Revision Session

Yr10/11 Asdan/CoPE Catch Up

Lunchtime  T12

Lunchtime  Library

Lunchtime  T3

Lunchtime  M6


3.30-4.30  Fitness Room

3.30-4.30  Maths Dept

3.30-4.30  T10

Miss Laker/Miss Smith

Mr Nichols

Mrs Davie

Ms Cox



Mr Bartlett

Mrs Cook


Girls Club

Hair and Beauty Club

Gaming Club


Animation Club

Dr Who Club

Drama club


Football (all years boys/girls)

Fitness (all year groups)

Cooking Club

Lunchtime  T10

Lunchtime  Salon

Lunchtime  T11

Lunchtime  T1

Lunchtime  T21

Lunchtime  T12

Lunchtime  Drama Studio


3.30-4.30  Sportshall/Field

3.30-4.30  Fitness Room

3.30-5.00  B1/B2

Mrs Cook

Mrs Baker

Mr Evans

Robert Smith

Miss Johnson

Mrs Blair/Thomas Watson

Ms Cox


Mr Leech/Mrs Barnes

Mr Burden

Mr DeRoek


Journalism Club

Gardening Club

Theory Club

Lunchtime  R11

Lunchtime  Garden

Lunchtime  M6

Mrs Finlay

Mrs Martin/Mrs Hills/Mrs Paine

Ms Cox


  • The PE department would like to see as many pupils as possible attending sports clubs throughout the year. Challenge yourself by trying out for a school team and represent The Malling School against our local rival schools.
  • If you have taken PE as an option then we would expect you to attend at least one club per week to enhance your fitness and knowledge.
  • Rewards will be given each term for attending clubs.
  • Radio Club runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please contact Mr Whitehead or Mrs Paine for details.