The Grammar Stream

The Grammar Stream at The Malling School

September 2019 Entry

The grammar stream is an academic stream for higher ability pupils. In years 7-9 pupils will study a more academic curriculum which includes two modern foreign languages as well as Latin. At Key Stage 4 it is expected that pupils in the grammar stream will study academic GCSEs, including separate sciences (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), a foreign language and at least one humanities subject. After their GCSEs pupils in the grammar stream should expect to progress to academic subjects such as A Levels or the International Baccalaureate with the view of going to university or higher level apprenticeships after that. All pupils at The Malling School are encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument but this is particularly true of pupils in the grammar stream.

Pupils can move in or out of the grammar stream throughout their time at the school with places depending on continued academic progress. If a pupil in a non-grammar stream group makes exceptional progress or teachers report higher than average academic ability they will be moved into the grammar stream. Likewise, if a pupil is finding the work too challenging and needs some additional support they can be moved to a non- grammar stream group.     

Entry to the grammar stream is determined by a range of indicators and is not based solely upon one test. We use our own assessments as well as Key Stage 2 outcomes from primary school to determine grammar stream places at the start of Year 7. Further formal and informal assessments take place throughout the school year to ensure that pupils are in the right groups.

Other pupils will have access to the grammar stream if our own assessments suggest they have the ability to cope with the additional demands of these groups.