KS3 Social Sciences

Across years 7-9 in Social Sciences, we examine a range of key questions concerning pupils’ identity, place in the world and values.

This includes the study of religions seen around the world, focussing predominantly on Christianity, but also examining other world faiths. We look at practices as well as core beliefs, whilst discussing how these impact upon the lives of believers and arguments surrounding the validity of faith based claims.

We also examine contemporary political and economic issues and themes. This includes covering ideological beliefs and outcomes through looking at current and past political movements. Further, pupils spend time examining key British values, such as democracy, the rule of law and tolerance. We examine that nature of these concepts, as well as how much they can be seen and followed in practice. Students also have opportunities to advocate on behalf of different groups around the world and experience what it is like to represent the views of a different nation in debate.

Furthermore, in Social Sciences we spend time examining key philosophical questions, surrounding what the world is actually like and how we are to behave within it. This includes such topics as whether God can or should be proved, or the purpose of life, as well as examining key ethical questions. These questions, such as how different groups can live alongside each other or whether religion is a force for peace are then examined from different religious and political perspectives, as well as from the pupils’ own position.

In year 9, students get the opportunity to taste some of the courses on offer within the social sciences higher up the school, before making their GCSE options choices. Students have the opportunity to study beginner’s courses in Sociology, Psychology and Criminology during this year.

In Social Sciences, we aim to give pupils the knowledge to be able to make their own informed decisions, applying theory as well as context to the choices they make in their lives and in society.

Further up the school, many Social Science subjects are available for our students.


Citizenship Studies (Edexcel)

Psychology (Edexcel)

Religious Studies (Edexcel – B)

Sociology (AQA)


Criminology (WJEC Diploma)

Global Politics (IB)

Psychology (IB)