KS3 Geography

KS3 Geography begins with a focus on geographical skills that will assist them with their study of each termly topic. These skills are then built upon through studying both physical and human geography that will allow pupils to gain a better understanding of the world through inquiry. This will allow pupils to develop their skills and understanding which will assist them in their GCSE Geography course.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Term 1

Changing rural/urban landscapes.

Brief: Continents and world knowledge. SKILL – geography knowledge.

Focus on East Malling and surrounding areas e.g. significance of river in East Malling. SKILLS – mapping, fieldwork, GIS.

Population and Migration

Patterns to population and of migration and the consequences caused by populations.

Using real world examples and population pyramids.


SKILLS – to identify patters, causes and consequences

Tourism (Margate)

Formation, impacts


SKILLS – human processes, case study

Term 2

Weather and the Water Cycle

Water cycle – rivers (upper, middle, lower) including landforms, rock types and flooding impacts. Industries at each section of river. SKILLS – labelled diagrams


Formation of settlements and types of settlement.

Burgess and Hoyt etc

Links to Year 7 term 1


Natural Hazards

Hurricanes, cyclones, flooding, landslides, drought etc


SKILLS – key processes, looking at social economic environmental impacts

Term 3


Focus on conservation of rainforests and biodiversity


SKILLS – forming an opinion/argument

Industry and Trade

Brief look at globalisation

Primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary sectors.

TNCs and Multi TNCs

Effects or development i.e. pollution, link to formation of settlements.



Rock types, uk geology and changing landscapes. The impact of geology.


SKILLS – impacts and effects

Term 4


focus on conservation using a case study (Brazil)

Look at varying factors about Brazil e.g. population makeup, history, trade, landscapes etc.

SKILL – Forming a case study


Tectonics (inc. tsunamis)


Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsumais.


SKILLS – physical processes

Term 5

Egypt – Drought

Contrasting case study.

Desertification, Aswan dam – Flooding


SKILL – key terms and processes


Processes of erosion, transportation and deposition.

Erosional and depositional features

SKILLS – key processes, diagrams


Summary of ALL topics so far


SKILLS – case study

Term 6

Map Skills

Map symbols, 4 and 6 figure grid references


SKILL – Map skills

Case Study – seven sisters area

Tie in previous knowledge


SKILLS – writing a case study


Fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear energy

Impacts of use i.e. pollution

SKILLS – evaluation