KS3 History

KS3 History starts with a focus on the local area to introduce key historical skills and terms, which will then be applied to each topic throughout the 3 year course. History then follows a chronological structure with particular foci in each term of study. The skills and topics studied will prepare pupils to succeed in their History GCSE.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Local History

Focus on how East Malling has changed over time, looking into the architecture and history of East Malling and how it was effected by the war.


Cross curricular= ties in with Geography changing landscapes unit


Focus on the Stuart monarchs and important events during the Stuart period including the Gunpowder Plot and the Civil War.

Homework project=

Skill= Cause and consequence

Edwardian Britain, Causes of WW1

Focusing on life in Britain at the beginning of the 20 century and how this led to the beginning of the First World War.

Homework project=

Skill= Change and continuity, similarity



Focus on who the Romans were, why they wanted to invade Britain and whether they were civilised or barbarian.

Homework project=

Skill= Source analysis

Industrial revolution

Focus on how Britain changed during the Industrial Revolution including factories, the poor law and revolution.

Homework project=

Skill= Change and continuity

Events of WW1, End of WW1

Focusing on the key battles and events through the First World War as well as conditions the soldiers faced in the trenches as access to medical care.

Homework project=

Skill= Source analysis



Focusing on the Norman conquest and invasion of Britain, Norman control in Britain and the development of castles.


Homework project= castles

Skill= Significance

Jack the Ripper

Focus on the social conditions of London in the 19th century, policing and the investigation and reasons why a serial killer was allowed to escape with murder.

Homework project=

Skill= Source analysis

Start of WW2, Events of WW2

Focusing on the key events and battles of WW2 and the key turning points leading to Germany losing the war.


Homework project=

Skill= Interpretations


King John and Life in the Middle Ages                     

Focus on interpretations of King John and whether he was a good or bad King.

Focus on life in the Middle Ages including the Black Death and the Magna Carta.

Homework project=

Skill= Interpretation

Empire and slavery                    

Focus on the growth of the British Empire and then the life of a slave from capture to life on the plantations. Looking at the abolition of slavery and the American Civil War.

Homework project=

Skill= interpretation

The Home Front

Focusing on conditions in Britain during the war including rationing, air raid shelters and the home guard.


Homework project=

Skill= Cause and consequence



Focus on the Tudor monarchs and their problems and achievements throughout their reign.


Homework project=

Skill= Similarity and difference

The American Civil War and civil rights

Focus on the divide between the North and South in the lead up to the Civil War including causes and reasons why the North lost.

Focus on the rights of Black People in the USA in the 60’s.

Homework project=

Skill= Cause and consequence

The Holocaust                        

Focusing on the Holocaust including the persecutors and the persecuted as well as the legacy of the Holocaust.

Homework project= The Holocaust



Elizabethan society             

Focus on life during the Elizabethan period and Elizabeth’s problems throughout her reign.


Homework project=

Skill= Cause and consequence

The American West     

Focusing on native American culture and ideas as well as conflict with European settlers and movement West.

Homework project=

Skill= Change and continuity


Focusing on the way women were treated in the early 20th century and their campaigns for women’s rights up until they gained full suffrage in 1928.

Homework project=

Skill= Source analysis