KS4 & 5 Humanities

GCSE Geography:

Our GCSE Geography programme is designed to rigorously develop the analytical, enquiry, reasoning and mathematical skills of our pupils.  Pupils will sit three examinations at GCSE level.  These include papers on the physical and human environment and require pupils to engage with the factors which shape the world around them. The third paper is based on fieldwork conducted by pupils themselves, and will require them to join an exciting residential trip to collect their data.  The course is a unique opportunity within the GCSE curriculum to develop mathematical abilities alongside their literacy.  Pupils will sit Geography examinations with Edexcel on specification A.

GCSE Sociology:

The Sociology programme is an academically challenging and rewarding introduction to the field of social science.  Pupils will engage with sociological theories and studies across a range of topics.  Pupils will sit two examinations at the end of the course, the first of which will focus on the sociology of families and education, whilst the second is on the sociology of crime and deviance and social stratification.  Pupils will be required to utilise information from key sources and scientific studies, and the course will develop skills suitable for pupils looking to progress to further studies in a wide range of fields.  At GCSE level, pupils will sit Sociology examinations with AQA.

GCSE History:

Our GCSE History programme is a challenging and diverse course, requiring pupils to develop a range of reasoning and analytical skill.  Pupils will sit three examinations.  These include a thematic and historic environment study requiring pupils to study the development of medicine in Britain from the middle ages to the present day, and a specific case study of surgery and treatment of soldiers on the Western Front during the First World War.  There is also a depth study of both Elizabethan England and The American West, as well as a source-based depth study of Weimar and Nazi Germany, for which pupils have had the opportunity to join a major school trip to Berlin.  At GCSE level, pupils will sit History examinations with Edexcel.

IB History:

As part of the IB Careers Programme, IB History rigorously develops both academic and practical skills.  Students are expected not only to read extensively around topics covered, but to develop their oracy and professional organisation to meet the demands of the course.  Students take two examinations at standard level, consisting of a prescribed, source based paper and an essay based world history paper.  For the prescribed paper, students will study Rights and Protest, focussing on the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, 1954-65 and Apartheid in South Africa, 1948-64.  For the world history paper, we offer modules on Twentieth Century Authoritarian States (focussing on Mao’s China, Stalin’s USSR and Hitler’s Germany) and the Cold War.  Students will also complete a rigorous internal assessment, requiring them to research a topic and research question of their own choosing, which contributes to 25% of their final grade.