KS4 & 5 Mathematics


EXAM BOARD:  Edexcel

ASSESSMENT: Paper 1 non-calculator one and a half hours

                        Paper 2 calculator one and a half hours

                        Paper 3 calculator one and a half hours

KS4 pupils are studying towards their GCSE in Mathematics.  During the two years of study all pupils will learn about every aspect of maths including, algebra, statistics, formal methods of calculation, ratio, percentages, area and volume, trigonometry and many others.  Problem solving and application of the mathematics they are learning has increased in importance and this is the main focus in paper 3 of their exams.




ASSESSMENT:  Paper 1 calculator one and a half hours, 15 questions all worth 6 marks

                        Paper 2 calculator one and a half hours, 6 questions of varying length

IB mathematical studies concentrates on the application of mathematics at a higher level than GCSE, the aim is to prepare students for the use of math in their future career paths.  All bar one topic is an extension of what they learn at GCSE, this being Logic.  Students have access to a graphical calculator both during lessons and the exam in order to make their experience as work like as possible.