KS4 Psychology

The WJEC GCSE Psychology qualification provides students with an overview of the nature of psychology and psychological enquiry.

Students cover two units within the course, these units are split into different topics, and the assessment is 100% exam at the end of the course.

The units and topics studies are:

  1. Social, Biological and Developmental Psychology:
    1. Biological Psychology:
      • Stress
      • Sensory organs
      • Brain
    2. Social Psychology:
      • Prejudice
      • Conformity
      • Attraction
    3. Developmental Psychology:
      • Learning
      • Animal Behaviour
      • Gender Development


  1. Cognitive Psychology; Individual Differences; and Ethics  and Research Issues in Psychology:
    1. Cognitive Psychology:
      • Memory
      • Perception
      • Cognitive development
    2. Individual differences:
      • Types of mental illness
      • Treating mental illness
    3. Ethics and research difficulties
      • Psychological methods of investigation
      • Ethical considerations