KS5 NCFE Level 2 English

Level 2 is a GCSE level qualification.

Key Stage 5 vocational English is based on coursework and moderation with no final exam. Evidence is collected from each unit to show that the students can use the skills taught, with a final assessment at the end.

A range of marking is carried out, which includes verbal feedback, peer assessment, self-assessment, assessor feedback sheets and written comments in books. A number of different assignments are completed with the best being put forward for external assessment.

Independent learning styles are encouraged to prepare pupils for the future.

Students will be given the opportunity to complete a selection of the following assessments

NCFE Level 2 Award in English: Writing

  • Constructing sentences
  • Composing texts


NCFE Level 2 Award in English: Reading

  • Understanding texts
  • Responding to creative texts


NCFE Level 2 Award in English: Speaking to Others

  • Listening and responding to others
  • Speaking to others
  • Participating in discussions