KS4 Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science (1-9)

Student’s choosing computer science as an option will follow the OCR 1-9 GCSE specification for the course. This aims to build on core computational theories alongside developing student’s practical skills.

The course consists of two external exams and a programming project. The project is taught as part of the algorithms unit and is designed to embed core theories through the practical application of a high level coded language.

The students will primarily be using Python code throughout this course, however it will also cover basic HTML, JavaScript and SQL functions.

Computer systems 50%

• Systems Architecture

• Memory

• Storage

• Wired and wireless networks

• Network topologies, protocols and layers

• System security

• System software

• Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

Computer Systems (01)

80 marks


1 hour and 30 minutes

Written paper


(No calculators allowed)


Computational thinking, algorithms
and programming 50%

• Algorithms *

• Programming techniques

• Producing robust programs

• Computational logic

• Translators and facilities of languages

• Data representation

Computational thinking,
algorithms and programming (02)

80 marks


1 hour and 30 minutes

Written paper


(no calculators allowed)


Programming Project 50%

• Programming techniques

• Analysis

• Design

• Development

• Testing and evaluation and conclusions

20 Timetabled hours

Non Examined component

20 Hours