Level 1 Understanding the Business of Retail Unit 1 ( A/ 502 /5756)

The Learner will:

Understand how retail outlets differ in size and type.

The learner can:

  1. List the different retail channels and state the main features of each one.
  2. Identify the sizes and types if retail outlets typically found in a variety of retail locations such as high streets or retail business parks.


(1.1/ 1.2) Design a poster for each retail channel and describe its key features – do at least 4 posters ( include a picture) you can do this using ICT.


Level 1 Unit 1 Understanding the business of retail ( A/ 502 /5756)


The Learner will :

Understand the range of retail occupations.

The Learner can :

2.1 State how retail occupations differ between small, medium and large retail businesses.

2.2 Identify the usual entry points and progression opportunities for a variety of retail occupations.

2.3 Outline the skills, personal attributes and behaviours required for a range of retail occupations.


2.1/ 2.2 Design an information leaflet on the different types of retail outlets – include what size they are and what types of jobs might be available. How would jobs be advertised? What are the progression ( career) routes through the company?.

You will need to find a job advert for one of your retail outlets to show you have done your research.


Level 1 Unit 1 Understanding the business of retail ( A/ 502 /5756)

The Learner will:

Understand the retail supply chain

The Learner can:

3.1 List the sources from which retailers obtain products

For this question make a list of your answers

3.2 Outline the key stages of a product’s journey through the supply chain.

For this question do a flow chart – you can do either on the computer or hand drawn ( neatly) on paper.

The Learner can :

Understand the contribution which the retail sector makes to the economy of the United Kingdom.

The Learner will:

Outline the size of the retail sector using information such as:

  • The number of people employed
  • The number of retail businesses
  • The amount of money spent by customers every year

For this question you will need to find the details online where possible. You will need to print off the details and annotate the relevant information.


Level 1 Unit 1 Understanding the business of retail ( A/ 502 /5756)

The learner will:

Understand how customer’s concerns influence the products and services offered by retailers.

The Learner can:

5.1 Outline environmental issues of concern to retail customers

5.2 Outline ethical issues of concern to retail customers

5.3 List the main advantages to retailers of being responsive to customers’ environmental and ethical concerns.

For this question we will have a group discussion in which you will need to contribute answers and comments.