In years 7 – 9 students follow the Cambridge Latin Course and follow the story and content of roughly one book each year.

Year 7 – Cambridge Latin Course I

  • Follow the story of Caecilius and his family in Pompeii in the year before the eruption of Vesuvius
  • Learn how Latin sentences are structured and how to use present, imperfect past and perfect past tenses.
  • Learn about daily life in Pompeii, including the theatre, Roman slavery, the amphitheatre, education and government.

Year 8 – Cambridge Latin Course II

  • The story moves to Britain and we find out what happened to our family after the eruption and we meet Salvius’ household as well as Cogidubnus, a king of the Britons. We are also told the tale of what happened to get our hero to Briton via Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Learn how to use more verb forms, including the infinitive and imperfect and perfect tenses and meet more complex sentence structures, including the use of relative clauses and present participles.
  • Learn about how life in Roman Briton differed to Pompeii and also take a look at the multi-cultural hub of Alexandria and its influence on the world.

Year 9 – Cambridge Latin Course III

  • Assassination attempts! Love Triangles! Curses! It all kicks off here!
  • Take an in depth look at participles and meet subjunctive tenses.
  • Learn more about Roman beliefs in magic and religion as well as taking an in depth look at the Roman military.

For the first time at The Malling School, students who successfully complete the KS3 course will have the option to study Latin to GCSE in KS4. We will continue to follow the Cambridge Latin Course through book 4 and key parts of book 5.

The course textbooks as well as lots of excellent resources can be found at: