Year 8 Home Learning

Home Learning


We recommend using the KOs from terms 1 and 2 to revisit each subject area, completing activities in the blue KO books provided, before attempting the term 3 cumulative assessment at home. Students will find that with effective revisiting and overlearning, they will be able to recall information more readily and therefore achieve more marks in these assessments. Alongside each cumulative assessment is a mark scheme that can be used at home to check answers- if there are still areas that could be improved, students can go back to the KOs and continue practicing. These cumulative assessments and mark schemes can be found in the subject folders in the 'Home Learning' section of our website.

Recent KOs also include ‘challenge tasks’. We encourage all students to attempt these, even if they may seem too difficult at first. The Malling School staff want students to feel happy about stepping out of their comfort zone and will never be angry about a student who has tried a challenge task but not succeeded- these tasks are ‘low stakes’ in that we want students to stretch themselves and be pushed intellectually, but struggling to accomplish a task is also part of learning and nothing to fear.