Year 11 Home Learning

Year 11 Home Learning


Term 6

Dear parents and year 11 students:

I hope that you have all had a pleasant and restful half term break. We are now entering the final week of our Y11 Future Pathways Program; the final day of the program is Thursday 4th June. Please see below for this week’s timetable. I would like to take this opportunity to once again applaud all students in y11 for the resilience that they have shown in this very difficult time, and I am very proud of the way in which they have conducted themselves and dealt with the unprecedented situation we have found ourselves in. Instead of giving up, y11 students have taken the opportunity to continue with their learning and ensure they are as prepared as they possibly can be for their next steps. I hope that you enjoy the final week of the Future Pathways Program. Please check this page over the next day or two for information about the date and time of the Y11 Leavers Assembly.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e mail me.

Mrs Hanmore


Dear parents and year 11 students, 


This is a very difficult time for everyone and we would like to express our thanks for your support and resilience over the last few days. The Department for Education have released their overall methodology for calculating GCSE grades this summer and the guidance so far is as follows: 


Schools will assemble in-school evidence of student progress, including mock exam grades, coursework assignments, class assessments and work in books. This information, along with our knowledge of each individual student will be used to generate a predicted grade- the grade we expect each child to achieve were they to sit their exams and compete coursework, without any of the interruptions that have taken place. This information will be collected by the Department for Education, Ofqual and the examination boards and compared to assessment grades from Key Stage 2 (primary school). A final GCSE grade for each subject will then be released to students in July. 


After this, there will be an opportunity for students and schools to appeal these grades (the same system that is available every year) and there will also be opportunity for students to sit their official examinations in the Autumn. 


We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you all that the grades we put forward for all of you will positively reflect the effort and determination that you have shown since beginning year 11; you have worked amazingly well and we encourage you to continue studying at home (very important for sitting exams in the Autumn) and also to start preparing for your further studies at Sixth Form or College. On this, we will honour places at The Malling School Sixth Form and, where possible, we will also make arrangements for students who did not initially apply to stay with us but are now reconsidering in light of recent events.  

If you have mock examination papers or coursework at home, please keep these in a safe place as we will need to collect these from you in the coming weeks. 


Thank you once again and we hope to see you all again soon 

General Guidance

With regards the work that you should be doing at home, once again I would urge you to continue with the work set on the Y11 Home Learning tab on the school website. This work will be vital if you want to improve on the grades given to you in July by sitting the exams in the Autumn. It would also be sensible to focus on completing work for any subjects that you want to study at college or sixth form; for example if you wish to study Chemistry you should continue to complete the year 11 science work. Remember that you can email your teachers with any questions you have or for feedback on work that you have completed. We have also provided you with subject specific bridging work to prepare you for sixth form or college, which will hopefully ease your transition to the next academic year as well as ensuring you begin with a complete understanding of any fundamental concepts that will be built on throughout your level 3 courses. You should continue to check your emails and speak to Mrs Hanmore if you have any questions or concerns.

Timetable for week commencing 01/06/20