Reading and Literacy

Quote about reading: ‘If knowledge is power, then reading is a super power!’ Jim Kwik

Here, at TMS, we place reading at the heart of your child’s learning experience.

Twice a week, during period one we have our collective read. We choose a challenging text, and staff volunteers record the chapters. We teach key vocabulary and discuss themes, such as leadership linked to qualities encompassed in ‘The Malling School Way.’

Click here to see a lesson from this term’s collective read: Lord of the Flies

In between lessons pupils are also expected to read in silence and a reading book is classed as an essential piece of equipment.

Subject leads have also included ‘Rich Texts’ in their curriculum booklets. These are designed to explore the complex vocabulary and wider concepts and ideas raised around their subject.

Studies suggest that 20-30 minutes spent reading everyday will significantly increase a child’s reading age. The Malling School has the expectation that every pupil reads for twenty minutes a night and this is built into our Home Learning timetable. Pupils can choose any reading book but are encouraged to read up to 30 books a year from the TMS canon, a list of books especially chosen to challenge and inspire our readers at all levels. Pupils are rewarding for passing Accelerated Reader quizzes on the books they read.

Click here to see the canon

Developing Oracy- ‘the ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically in speech’ is equally important. We encourage pupils to discuss their ideas using their formal or academic voice and staff model this constantly in their teaching.