Year 9 Options 20/21 - Asdan

Examination Board:
Course Description:
This is a 2-year course developing skills and abilities to prepare students for progression into work or college.
Students work towards completing challenges at the appropriate level to build a portfolio of evidence which
demonstrate competence in the following skills: developing myself and my performance, working with others,
problem solving and delivering a project which will include planning and carrying out a piece of research,
communicating through discussion and planning and giving an oral presentation. These challenges enable
students to develop self-confidence as they develop their social skills and an appreciation of the wider world.
The course encourages valuable skills such as listening and debating and recording evidence.
How will students learn?
Students will learn through a variety of mediums including presentations, discussions, and written work.
Students may be able to select the best method of assessment from a range, which will enable them to achieve
success suited best to their learning style.
How will the course be assessed?
A portfolio is gathered over the 2 years and key skills paperwork is completed. The portfolios are internally
and externally moderated.
Education Pathways after Year 11:
Level 3 CoPE
Wider Key Skills – College
Career Routes:
This course provides a direct grounding for all students who wish to continue onto university or move straight
into a career after Sixth Form, including self-employment.
Enrolment on this course is limited to students selected by the Specialist Resource Provision Staff. Please
speak to Mrs S Cook if you are interested in taking this course.