Year 9 Options 20/21 - Computer Science

Examination Board:
Course Description:
Computer Science is engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving. It encourages
students to develop their understanding and application of the core concepts in Computer Science. Students
also analyse problems in computational terms and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and
evaluating programs.
The course is also designed for students to develop their understanding of modern technology and explores
the fundamental principles and concepts of Computer Science, including abstraction, decomposition, logic and
data representation.
How will students learn?
This course enables students to develop a wide range of computational skills that can be applicable to real life
situations. The course is centred on practical problem solving. As a result, students will be taught through a
range of techniques designed to develop their ability to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and
critically. These are all skills that any student can take forward into further study or the world of work.
How will the course be assessed?
Paper 1 – Computer Systems 1hr 45 minutes 50%
Paper 2 – Computational thinking, programming and Algorithms 1hr 45 minutes 50%
Education Pathways after Year 11:
A level or IB Computer Science
Career Routes:
Computer programmer
Software Developed
AI Engineering
Network Engineering
Cyber Security
Enrolment on this course will be based on recent attainment, behaviour and attitude to learning in Year 9 Computer Science lessons.