Year 9 Options 20/21 - Hospitality & Catering

Examination Board:
Course Description:
A personalised pathways programme for a select group of students. This qualification is designed for students
who have an interest in food and cookery and the hospitality and catering industry.
Students will have to plan and cook a range of different dishes for the internally assessed unit. The brief is set
by the exam board each year. During the course students will be expected to cook a range of dishes to cover
key skills the exam boards requires to be taught.
How will students learn?
The course will provide students with experience of using different cooking techniques and methods to enable
them to use these within further education or apprenticeships. It will give students a basic understanding of
the skills required for a career in food. The course is made up on 1 internally assessed unit and 1 externally
assessed written exam.
How will the course be assessed?
Unit 1 – Written exam with 4 specific objectives. 1 hour 30 minute paper 40%
Unit 2 – Internal practical exam. Plan and cook a 2 course meal including written coursework. 60%
Education Pathways after Year 11:
Career Routes:
Hospitality and Catering Industry