Year 9 Options 20/21 - Religious Studies

Examination Board:
Course Description:
The course covers a range of religions and their core beliefs. The course gives students the chance to
investigate a religion at depth, with them looking at issues such as life and death, crime and punishment and
peace and conflict.
With the course being split into 3 areas of study, it gives them an excellent chance to explore a wide range of
religious perspectives.
In our modern world, it is hugely important to understand peoples’ core beliefs and practices.
How will students learn?
The course enables students to develop a wide range of skills that can be applicable in every subject and the
world of work. Students will be developing skills of enquiry, analysis and synthesis. The work will focus on a
wide ranging selection of sources from different forms of media, and give students the opportunity to interpret
and analyse these. The course enables students to advance their independent learning skills.
How will the course be assessed?
Two written examinations: (Students choose 2 from the 3 below)
Religion and Ethics 1hr 45m 50%
Religion and Peace 1hr 45m 50%
Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice 1hr 45m 50%
Education Pathways after Year 11:
This course lays the foundations for further study at post-16 including Global Politics, Social & Cultural
Anthropology, Psychology, History and Geography.
Career Routes:
Libraries and Record Offices
Social Care