Year 9 Options 20/21 - Spanish

Examination Board:
Course Description:
Students follow a two-year course covering 3 main topic areas:
1 – Identity and culture: Me, my family and friends, technology and everyday life, free-time activities, customs
and festivals in French-speaking countries/ communities.
2 – Local, national, international and global areas of interest: Home, town, neighbourhood and region, social
issues, global issues, travel and tourism.
3 – Current and future study and employment: my studies, life at school/ college, education post-16, jobs,
career choices and ambitions.
How will students learn?
The course aims to teach students how to communicate effectively in Spanish through key vocabulary and
content linked to the three main topic areas above. Teaching is conducted using a variety of materials and
authentic resources to develop the four language communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and
writing, improving their communicative skills and adding an international dimension to their education.
Throughout the two-year course, students are required to work both independently and collaboratively in
How will the course be assessed?
Listening and Understanding Examination 25%
Speaking Internally Conducted Examination 25%
Reading and Understanding Examination 25%
Writing Examination 25%
Education Pathways after Year 11:
This course lays the foundations for further study at post-16, for both A Level Spanish and IB qualifications.
Career Routes:
Communications – Translator, interpreter, advertising, film and entertainment, journalist.
Education – Teacher, overseas teacher.
Government Services – United Nations, armed forces, intelligence, immigration.
Travel Services – Hotel staff, travel agents, airline industry.