Year 9 Options 20/21

The Option Process – Key Dates

Information sessions for students provided in Pastoral Leader Morning Briefings during Term 3
Options Virtual Event
Students and Parents consider option choices
Option choice form to be completed electronically by Friday 12th March
Option choice suitability assessed by TMS staff
Students informed of option subject allocation in early Term 6 (June 2021)

Click here for Year 9 Options Form - September 2021

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If you have a question about The Malling School Sixth Form please contact Mrs Chimanga

If you have a question about the options form please contact Mrs Thetford

If you have a general enquiry please contact Mr Barnes

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English Maths Science 3d Design
Mrs E Allison Mrs S Thompson Dr C Shirley Mrs R Barker
Art & Design ASDAN Business Citizenship
Mrs R Barker Mrs S Cook Mr P Maisey Dr A Calvert
Computer Science Construction French Geography
Mr P Maisey Mr J Walker Mrs N Kinney Mrs N Bridges
Hairdressing & Beauty Health & Social Care History Hospitality & Catering
Mrs G Baker Mrs C Barnes Miss A Goren Mrs R Barker
Music Performing Arts - Dance Performing Arts - Drama Psychology
Miss E Cox Miss E Cox Mr J Addis Miss E Beaney
Religious Studies Separate Sciences Sociology Spanish
Dr A Calvert Dr C Shirley Miss E Beaney Mrs N Kinney
Sport Studies      
Mrs C Barnes      

Options Guidance

Dear Students and Parents
I have great pleasure in presenting the Key Stage 4 Options Booklet for 2020. This document has been carefully
prepared to provide all of the necessary information for you to make some significant decisions about the
range of courses on offer for Key Stage 4. This process is an important first step in framing the context in which
each student will work over the next two years.
We have an extremely dedicated and talented group of staff who are totally committed to delivering great
lessons, ensuring our students achieve and exceed their potential. Please take time to discuss your options
with our teachers, ensuring we make this important decision together.
John Vennart
Guidance for Students
This is an exciting and crucial time for you as you begin to tailor and steer your education around what you
enjoy and towards a particular career path.
This booklet will help you and your parents choose the best subjects for you to study in Year 10 and 11.
When deciding on your option choices, think about the following:
  • Which subjects you enjoy studying?
  • Which subjects you perform best in?
  • Choosing a range of different courses, so that you have a broad base to select you Post-16 options from.
  • Reading the subject information carefully to make sure you are fully aware of what each subject involves
  • Asking for advice from your subject teachers and form tutors
  • Discuss your thoughts with your parents
Guidance for Parents
When your child enters Year 10 they will begin a new phase in their education. The next two years is called
Key Stage 4.
All students follow a core curriculum that includes English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and
Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education. Students will then choose additional option subjects. These
options ensure your child had the opportunity to choose subjects for deeper study during the next two years.
As a parent or carer, you are in a great position to support your child through this process and help them look
ahead to consider the implications of their choices. As someone who knows them well, you can discuss their
favourite subjects at school and what they might want to do in the future. These conversations can help your
child to choose options that reflect their strengths and potentially set them on the path for their future career.
Enrolment on ASDAN, Computer Science, Separate Sciences and Psychology will be subject to approval by the
Head of Department and Senior Leaders and is based on recent attainment, behaviour and attitude to learning.


Please click below for subject information

English Lang English Lit Maths Combined Science
Art & Design Art & Design 3D Asdan Business
Citizenship Computer Science C & G Construction French
Geography Hairdressing Health & Social History
Hospitality Music Dance Drama
Psychology Religious Studies Separate Science N Sociology
Spanish Sport Studies    

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