Career Contacts

Angela Willis (Careers Adviser) - Click here to send an email - Tel: 01732 840995 EXT 280

Helen Cable (Careers Leader) - Click here to send an email - Tel: 01732 840995

All learners at The Malling School receive careers education, information, advice and guidance that will enable them to choose 14-19 pathways that are right for them and, to be able to manage their careers, sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.

The Malling School careers team pride themselves on their knowledge, skills, experience and vast network. This enables them to offer an array of outstanding careers, education, information, advice and guidance in many forms.

As pupils move through the school they will participate in:

  • Careers lessons during Period 1
  • Careers related assemblies
  • Careers activities throughout National Careers Week
  • Mock Interview Days
  • Invitation to Employability Skills events in Year 11
  • Invitation to Healthcare: The Academy at Maidstone Hospital
  • Invitation to Kent Choices Live Careers Fair for Years 11 and 13
  • Higher Education Exhibition in Year 12
  • UCAS and Post 18 Options days in Year 13
  • Invitation to university trips across all year groups
  • Access to individual careers guidance interviews
  • The Malling School Careers Fair
  • The Malling School Careers Week
  • National Careers Week input
  • Careers in the Curriculum events
  • Bespoke interventions when specific need is identified
  • Outside speakers
  • Workshops by our Partner Universities
  • Opportunity to take part in National Careers Service programme
  • Opportunities to access and learn from trusted online careers platforms

The list above is always expanding as we develop and grow the department. The careers team likes to think outside the box and are constantly looking into new resources and opportunities for our students. We welcome feedback, ideas and input from students, parents, staff, outside agencies and employers to help constantly improve and update our offer in this fast paced area. Our network of employers and links with careers colleagues across the county help us ensure we are keeping up with what is on offer and even excelling.

The Malling School’s Careers Adviser, Miss Angela Willis is available Monday, Thursday and Friday and is based in an office in the Library. Pupils can drop in to see her with any careers questions during any break or lunchtime, and she can also be contacted by e-mail or by telephone on (01732) 840995 (ext 280)

To read the Student Entitlement Statements for careers education, information, advice and guidance which give details year by year of the careers programme, click here

The full Careers Policy can be found on the Policies page of this website.


Trusted and reliable sources of information to support careers advice:

When you google “careers advice” you will inevitably be offered hundreds of thousands of websites that may simply confuse you, make you feel daunted and probably just shut down your computer. To make life easier for you, I have sifted through these websites and filtered them down into the most helpful ones that will offer you trusted and reliable information and advice. – So much to look at here! Check out the career Zones and 60 second interviews with people who already do the jobs you are interested in OR simply search the site for what you want to know more about, for example; apprenticeships, university, CV writing. This site is packed full of helpful information. Take the buzz test on to find out your personality animal type and the career areas that would suit you. - National Careers Service website sets out job profiles and groups jobs by type and is useful to find out what the job is like and the qualifications you need. and - Here you will find information about any opportunities within Kent for after year 11; 6th form, college, apprenticeships and training programmes. You will also use this website to make your applications online, track their progress and accept offers.


If you fancy a break from reading or would simply prefer to watch and listen to careers information then try the following links…

The Wow Show have amazing, engaging and up to date shows around the world of careers. You can start by watching their full program here  or, why not explore other mini programmes from The Wow Show based around specific career choices here has lots of video clips of people talking about their job and how they got into it – listen and learn about careers! Also, why not take the buzz quiz to get ideas for what industries might suit you, or simply use the site research your current career ideas. is packed full of videos for you to watch. Simply search a job you might want to find out more about and watch a real person talking about how they got into that job and what it’s really like. - I’m sure many of you will have used the BBC Bitesize website for other subjects but were you aware that they have an exciting careers section too? It’s great and covers so many of the important aspects of careers as a subject.

Why not consider university? – This site is for more than just an applying to university. Search for courses and access guidance on personal statements, deadlines and other vital information.    Enter the qualifications and subjects that you are studying in the 6th form to find out which courses you can access. Search for courses and much more. 

Interested in apprenticeships? - Want to find out about apprenticeships?  Use the apprenticeship website to register for vacancies and look up information.


Online learning;

We have linked up with an online learning platform called BeReady.

Check your emails to find an email from The BeReady Group with a username and password to enable you to access their site. This is safe to use and I encourage you to use the details and links given to log in and explore the site as soon as possible.

This site will give you access to lots of simple online courses on a multitude of subjects, however I will be focusing on using it to improve your careers education and employability skills.

To access the site, simply click here We encourage you to log in and have a look around as soon as you can - the platform is full of fantastic training courses, and as a new user you’ll have access to on screen support to help you navigate around.

If you have any issues logging in, click here to reset your password.

All of the above links can also be found on your Careers section on Teams.

Careers in the curriculum and our ethos

As well as the careers team working together to provide a stable careers programme, our teaching and support staff also help by embedding careers education into the curriculum. We know that good careers education and support creates students who are not just academically able but also ready for a life beyond school. We want our students to be well informed so they can make good decisions about their futures, have high aspirations and feel confident and capable of reaching their goals. Our new and ambitious careers team are working hard on building a school where the culture is that careers is not an “add on” but a fully integrated part of everyday life for our students.