Teaching Staff

The teaching staff list is currently being reviewed and will be updated shortly.

» Leadership Team
Mr J Vennart Headteacher
Mr B Chidwick Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mrs K Davey Deputy Headteacher
Mr P Williams Deputy Headteacher - Pastoral
School Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr C Dmytruk Assistant Headteacher
Mrs R Gately Assistant Headteacher - SRP
» English Department
Mrs F Miller Director of Literacy
Mrs E Allison Director of English
Mrs L Finlay Second in Charge of English
Mrs V Thatcher Second in Charge of English
Mr J Cass Teacher of English
Mrs N Croft Teacher of English
Mrs J Goss Teacher of English
Mrs E Jedrzejewski Teacher of English
Head of Curie House
Mrs S Pillay Teacher of English
Mrs E Rawson Teacher of English
Mr L Rogers Teacher of English
Mr J Rottcher Teacher of English
Miss E Smith Teacher of English
Miss S Withers Teacher of English
(Acting) Head of Curie House
» Mathematics Department
Mrs S Thompson Director of Mathematics
Miss C Divall Second in Charge of Mathematics
Mr R Maddage Second in Charge of Mathematics
Mr T Fielding Teacher of Mathematics
Head of Holmes House
Mr D Hambomugisha Student Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Jarrett Teacher of Mathematics
Miss R Jeffery Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Keys Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs E Macleod Teacher of Mathematics
Mr B Mills Teacher of Mathematics
Mr S Mittoo Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Reed Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs N Woods Teacher of Mathematics
» Science Department
Mrs C Shirley Director of Science
Mrs V Young Second in Charge of Science
Mrs J Begum Teacher of Science
Mr S Dobson Teacher of Science
Ms S Enaohwo Teacher of Science
Mr I Geldard Teacher of Science
Mrs E Hanmore Teacher of Science
ITT Training Coordinator & Raising Standard Leader
Mr T Nichols Student Teacher of Science
Ms N Nixon Unqualified Teacher of Science
Mrs R Ojeme Teacher of Science
Miss E Owusu-Bempah Teacher of Science
Mr K Solan Teacher of Science
» Humanities Department
Miss E Beaney Head of Humanities
Mrs N Bridges Head of Geography
Miss A Goren Head of History
Mrs M Blair Student Teacher of Psychology
Mrs K Chimanga Teacher of Psychology
Head of Sixth Form
Miss L Foulser Teacher of Geography & Sociology
Head of Redgrave House
Ms C Logan Teacher of Geography
Mr J Millard Teacher of History
KS5 Academic Coordinator
Mrs L Platt Teacher of History
Transition Coordinator
Mr S Ryder Teacher of Geography
Mrs S Steiner Teacher of Geography
Ms M Stevens Teacher of History
Mr G Whitehead Teacher of History & Geography
» Design & Technology Department
Mrs R Barker Head of Technology
Mrs L Cook Student Teacher of Design & Technology
Mr C De Roeck Teacher of Food Technology
Mrs V Fay Teacher of Art
Miss K Foley Teacher of Technology
Mr D Middlewood Student Teacher of Technology
Mrs K O'Neill Teacher of Design & Technology
Ms B Teague Teacher of Design & Technology
» PE Department
Miss C Barnes Head of Physical Education
Mr L Adesina Student Teacher of Physical Education
Miss C Baker Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Barnes Teacher of Physical Education
Head of Faraday House
Mr J Burden Teacher of Physical Education
Mr M Dibsdall Teacher of Physical Education
Miss C King Teacher of Physical Education
» Drama & Performing Arts Department
Miss E Cox Head of Performing Arts
Mr J Addis Head of Drama
Mr M Brush Student Teacher of Music
Miss L Shannon Teacher of Performing Arts

» Ethics Department

Mrs A Calvert                                          Head of Ethics                 


» Business Studies & Computing Department
Mr P Maisey Head of Business Studies & Computer Science
Mr D Holmes Student Teacher of Computer Science
Mr G Keating Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs K Keeping Student Teacher of Business Studies
» Modern Foreign Languages Department
Mrs N Kinney Head of MFL
Mr S Belhatem Teacher of French
Ms A Chasco Arroniz Teacher of Spanish
Mrs I Gubalova Teacher of Spanish
» Hair & Beauty Department
Mrs G Baker Teacher of Hair & Beauty