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Student Report from the Houses of Parliament


On Monday 24th November, Poppy Greenrod and Katie Geary were invited to the Houses of Parliament with Mr Roberts after taking part in the Tonbrige and Malling youth forum.

Here is their report in their own words:

"We were very excited to be asked as it involved a tour around the House of Commons and the House of Lords as well as being able to take part in a seminar about drugs and alcohol in one of the committee rooms usually reserved for Members of Parliament.

We were met by the secretary of Tonbridge and Malling's MP, Sir John Stanley, who took us on a tour. She took us to see parts of the Lords and the Commons that the public don't usually get to see as well as the new buildings of Portcullis House. After the tour we went to the seminar about drugs and alcohol which was very interesting and we learnt a lot. There were some valid points and we were encouraged to ask questions and share our opinions. Before going home we dropped in to watch the MPs debate in the main chamber of the Commons.

Overall it was an amazing experience and we would certainly do it again!"

Student article submitted by, Poppy Greenrod and Katie Geary

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