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The Malling School Christmas Concert

The Malling School Christmas Concert  -  Thursday 18th December 2014
7pm in the main school hall, Free Entry no need to book tickets.

The concert is going to be a mixture of traditional Christmas carols with some more contemporary Christmas music. A wide variety of students will be performing; from year 7’s performing in their first school concert to regular performers who were involved last year and in previous years.

The concert is in two acts with an interval in the middle. There will be refreshments available during the break. We are following a similar format as last year, with a lively first half and a more traditional second half, as this proved to be incredibly successful. So many students took part last year that it was always going to be a challenge to match, but I think we may have even more students involved this year.

It has been incredibly hard this year to select pieces and performances as so many students wanted to be involved, even more than we had last year. At times I have felt a bit like an X Factor judge, but not as mean, I hope!

We have two events before the concert which give us the opportunity to perform to an audience and hopefully banish some of the nerves. One was the illumination of the Christmas lights in Leybourne last Sunday, and the other is this coming Friday. Unfortunately not open to the public, the band are going to playing at the annual Leybourne Grange Riding School for the Disabled’s Nativity. This is the tenth year that I have taken the school band to this event, and it marks the beginning of Christmas for me, and for the students who have been before.

The students really appreciate this opportunity and support from friends and family is very welcome, we look forward to performing for you all on the night.

Miss E Cox
Leader Performing Arts