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Inclusion Quality Mark Awarded to The Malling School

IQM Centre of ExcellenceThe Malling School is proud to announce that it has been awarded the title of Centre of Excellence in its recent bid to gain achievement of the Inclusion Quality Mark Award.

The first step of the process was for the school to complete an audit on 8 key elements:

1. Inclusion Values and Practice of the School.
2. The Learning Environment, Resources and ICT
3. Learner Attitudes, Values and Personal Development
4. Learner Progress and the Impact on Learning
5. Learning and Teaching (monitoring)
6.  Parents, Carers and Guardians
7. Governing Body and Management
8. The School in the Community

The second step was a rigorous two day assessment in which all aspects of our inclusion processes were scrutinized. Staff, students and Governors were interviewed, lessons observed and data inspected.

The assessor reported:

‘It was obvious from the minute I stepped into the school that inclusion is the heart of The Malling School. Staff at every level, go the extra mile to meet the needs of the young people in their care. The welfare and achievement of the children is what matters and the youngsters thrive as a result.’

‘The school is a reflective one and leadership and staff are always striving to further improve the quality of teaching and learning and on improving the outcomes for pupils. Staff members show real care and dedication and display a high level of professionalism to ensure that the school provides a safe, secure and challenging environment for pupils to learn and grow academically, emotionally and personally. Leadership at all levels is positive and optimistic and barriers to learning are quickly identified and solutions are found. Pupils are expected to achieve their personal best and to enjoy the learning experience’.

‘All the pupils I spoke to were overwhelmingly positive about their experience at school and were keen to tell me that staff go to great lengths to help them to be confident and to make good progress. Without exception they expressed their gratitude and appreciation for all that had been done for them and with them.

The staff, governors, pupils and parents of The Malling School are great ambassadors. They are very proud of their school.’

We will now begin working towards achieving our goal of Flagship school.