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Introducing Series 4 of "The 2 Show"

2 show series 4 posterUnit Radio is a group within The Malling School who produce original comedy plays. It was set up, and is run by Giles Whitehead at The Tydeman Centre, speech, language and autism unit. It is an ongoing project that encourages students to make audio dramas as well as producing stage productions.

As interest in the club has grown, involvement has extended from The Tydeman Centre to the wider school, students are now involved from all years and all areas of The Malling School.

“The radio plays allow students to excel in language without being hindered by pen and paper. The plays develop from an idea or plot line and the students act out the story through improvisation. Each scene is recorded, edited and sound effects and music added. As well as being educational it is a versatile and fun medium to work with and has given the students a great confidence boost; they are very proud of their plays" – Mr Whitehead

Most recently the crew of Unit Radio have been working on Series 4 of "The 2 Show". This forth series is very different from the last 3 as it has seen them heading out of the studio to visit and interview local celebrities such as surrealist medieval poet, James Worse in historic Rochester, the multi-talented musician Funke and the Two Tone Baby as well as world famous artist Graham Clarke.

Visit their website to listen to the entire back catalogue of stage shows and many more episodes spanning the life of Unit Radio.