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Tydeman Kingswood Trip to Grosvenor Hall

ASDAN_01On March 4th 2015, Year 9 ASDAN students from 9x and 9y went on a trip to Grosvenor Hall in Ashford to work on communication, independence and teamwork in a fun active way. The pupils’ favourite activities were the 3G Swing, Sky Climb and The Descender.


The 3G swing is an adrenaline fueled experience. You are attached to a bar by a harness in pairs and you squat like you are sitting then your teammates hoist you up by rope. There are 3 coloured flags: yellow, blue and red. Yellow is the lowest, then blue, then red which is the highest you can go. Your team pull you as high as when you want to go and when you get to the height you have chosen you then have to pull a red cord which releases you and you swing through the air. Myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this because of the rush you get after you pull the cord.

The Sky Climb is circular structure with obstacles and ropes which you go along. You have to unclip yourself for different parts of the course. There were two zip lines which went down, one in the middle and one at the top. It develops your independence.

Benjamin Mayhew explained, “I liked the variety of obstacles while doing the Sky Climb also I particularly enjoyed going down the zip line.”


The Descender was a massive pole with bars which you climb up. At the top was a platform which you jumped off, obviously with a harness. When you fall, the harness slows you down; you basically ‘descend’ in a free-fall experience. Lucy Drinkwater explained, “It was fun and terrifying at the same time.”


Altogether, I believe everyone enjoyed the trip including the teachers. It was exciting because it was the first time we went away as a class to sleep there. “Even though I didn’t like heights, I thoroughly enjoyed it!” Spencer Williams explained. The visit gives us all credits towards our ASDAN Bronze award, which can count towards CoPE in year 10 and 11.

Student article by Dominic Bergiers, 9x