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Election Fever Hits The Malling School


IMG_9665Election fever is really hitting The Malling School this week. Last Monday, Claire Leigh, Labour candidate for Malling and Tonbridge, came to school to meet with our pupils and found herself answering an extensive range of questions on a number of important issues. She said how the meeting would be perfect preparation for her appearance on Radio Kent and her taking part in a hustings the next day.

This was a sign of things to come as pupils formed political parties so they could wrestle over manifesto points and important topics. The environment, NHS, defence and balancing the books have been vigorously chewed over as our young politicos battle for hearts and minds. While The Malling School mock election had been initially conceived to help our pupils understand the democratic process of our county, for them to recognise for what the four main parties stand, and to foster an appreciation in the importance of democracy, we had no idea the extent to which the pupils would become engaged.

IMG_9695With the election now looming, campaigns are about to come to fruition as candidates give speeches and take part in a debate in a whole school assembly on Wednesday 6 May, during period one. Greens, Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives are all being represented as each of the four school faculties have become constituency battlegrounds. Will any party reach a majority of three to form a stable government. Or will the wrangling begin? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see if our micro-society is an accurate bellwether for the general election on May 7.