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The Malling School Election

IMG_9999The micro society that is The Malling School was an unerring bellwether for the United Kingdom as our school election accurately predicted what was to come in the 2015 general election.

Candidates for some of the UK’s main parties battled it out across four constituencies (our school faculties), canvassing, making speeches to the whole school and taking part in debates. However, once the polls had closed on election day, our candidates had nothing to do but wait.  

Inasmuch as the handshaking had turned to handwringing, the Conservative party needn’t have worried as they were able to accumulate an overall majority, winning three of the four constituencies.

Invited to form a government by the monarch, Mr Roberts, Charley Hickman, the school’s first ever prime minister, stated – in her usual statesperson like manner, “I am delighted to form a government so we can help Mr Roberts with strong leadership, a clear economic plan and to bring a brighter, more secure future to The Malling School.”


Other young Conservatives who won seats to form their government are Ryan Collins and deputy prime minister, Alex Wood. Labour succeeded in the other constituency as the election’s outstanding politician, Josh Burt, stopped his opponents from completing a clean sweep.