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End of Term 5 - Message from the Principal

Carl Roberts, PrincipalDear Parents/Carers

At the end of a busy term, which included a successful Ofsted inspection (report due to be published imminently), I wanted to remind you that business continues as normal at TMS right up to the summer holidays. Therefore I would like to draw your attention to a few things that we will be focussing on over the next two months.

Needless to say pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13 should be spending the whole of the half term break revising for their public examinations. Teachers will be in school running targeted revision programmes and pupils and parents have been told about which ones are relevant to them. We expect pupils who have been invited to attend and there are more details on our website.

As the weather gets warmer pupils sometimes forget about our high standards of uniform.  We still expect pupils to wear full uniform in the correct manner throughout the summer and will continue our policy of sending pupils home if they do not have the correct uniform.  On the rare occasions when an extended period of very hot weather is forecast we do change to a summer uniform where blazers and ties can be left at home. On such occasions we will always inform you by text and email so do not allow your child to convince you otherwise if you have not heard it officially from us!  On the subject of uniform could you please ensure all items of clothing are labelled, we have a large stock of unnamed lost property.

The earlier (8.45am) late gate introduced in term 5 has been very successful and will continue into term 6.  Pupils are now very rarely late for lessons, which means that learning always starts on time. The improvements we have made in punctuality and attendance in recent years were a strong feature in the Ofsted inspection and we will therefore continue initiatives in these areas.

We will be holding our usual rewards day near the end of term so pupils have a few more weeks to collect reward points to go towards their activities.  Pupils with the most reward points get access to the best activities so it is worth encouraging your child to continue to try to fill as many cards as possible.  Behaviour points (which are negative) cancel reward points and pupils with too many behaviour points will find that they get no reward on rewards day.  

Finally I would like to remind you that the last four days of the summer term are staff training days when pupils do not attend school.  Therefore the last day of term for pupils is Friday 17th July, which may be up to a week earlier than some other local schools.  As in previous years we will have a shortened day on the last day of the summer term.  Lunch will be at 11.00am with the afternoon session starting at 11.30am and school finishing at 1.00pm.  

I hope you have a good bank holiday weekend and enjoyable half term and I look forward to continuing our work together in term 6.

Yours sincerely

Carl Roberts