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What is the Perfect School?


Pupils in Mrs Watts’ 8G English class have shown their talents in non-fiction writing with their takeaway homework project entitled, “What is the perfect school?” The pupils created a range of presentations to explore this question that truly impressed Mrs Watts (and other staff members as they walked by the classroom) – Some staff thought the work was completed by sixth formers!

During term five, pupils learned a range of techniques to write effective non-fiction.  After each lesson, they were to add to their presentation the new technique practised in class.  Students chose from a range of presentation formats to demonstrate their confidence in the skills: powerpoint, film, speech, play, or visual displays on card.

Pupils were to cover:

  • The curriculum: The range of subjects that schools offer their students
  • Learning: The ways in which teachers teach and students learn
  • Facilities: All different resources and equipment that schools provide for their students
  • Discipline: The different ways in which schools encourage success and good behaviour – and discourage poor behaviour.

Mrs Watts is very proud of her pupils for demonstrating their enthusiasm and proficiency when using the following skills in their non-fiction writing:

  • Effective and engaging title/heading
  • Structuring work well
  • Selecting strong key points and supporting them with relevant evidence
  • Use of modal verbs and imperatives effectively
  • Use of emotive language to influence the audience’s response
  • Use of a range of rhetorical devices to strengthen their argument/points
  • State and negate the opposition

It is with this enthusiasm for learning that Mrs Watts is confident that the pupils will head into their final year of KS3 with having mastered a very important skill set for their GCSEs.

Keep up the great work, 8G and never lose that interest in your studies!


Mrs Watts