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A-Level Communication and Culture Revision

Jennifer and Jessica Ball have never failed to impress Mrs Watts ever since year 10 English. Now in year 13, the Ball twins (as they are known throughout the school) have done it again, this time, in musical form – they have made a song to help them revise for their final exam in A-Level Communication and Culture.  The course is rather theory-heavy with dozens of key terms which they are expected to apply purposefully in coursework and examinations.  To help with the pressure of remembering these terms, Mrs Watts encouraged the whole class to make a revision song in which Mrs Watts performed to the class – little did she know that the very talented and dramatic sisters had an even BETTER song up their sleeve! 

Thankfully, Jen and Jess are no stranger to performing in front of a large audience (you may have seen them in various TMS musicals) so when they were asked to perform the song in front of their peers, they were not shaken by stage fright; we are so glad for that because now the year 13s can’t get the song out of their head, which is great because their exam is the 3rd of June! I’m sure there will be toes tapping and heads bobbing in the examination hall as they write the two-hour exam.

The year 13s have worked so well together which is why they supported Jen and Jess (“J-Crew”) as backup singers in this exclusive music video for their latest single, C&C Key Terms! (Well done to the year 12s, the future A2 Communication and Culture students, who also took part in the video).

Congratulations to all year 13 C&C students and best of luck in the future!