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Reculver Beach Field Trip

SAM_0355Pupils in 7G and the Transition group took part in a field trip down at Reculver Beach, funded by Canterbury City Council and P1 Marine Foundation. The aim of the visit was to educate pupils on marine biology and the habitats found along the coast at Reculver, while also looking at Sustainable Energy, with the focus on the Wind Farm just off the coast of Reculver.

Pupils started the morning off by hunting the rock pools for any forms of life, which they collected and then shared to the group. The group leader, a marine biologist working with Canterbury City Council, told them all about each thing they had found, and its importance to the ecosystem there.

Pupils then had a search for sharks teeth that can be found along the coast at Reculver, being left by Sharks many thousands of years ago. Many of the pupils found some excellent examples of sharks teeth, thousands of years old.

The afternoon focussed on sustainable energy and how the Turbines worked. Pupils were given a task of creating their own electricity, which some groups managed to do very quickly! Pupils were given the opportunity to ask questions about sustainable energy, and also careers linked to it.

"In all, pupils had a fantastic day, and learnt a huge amount, from Marine Biology and Conservation, to Sustainable Energy and the Kent Coasts role in providing us with clean energy."  Mr G Flower - Head of Humanities

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