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Geography Project Round Up

[000270]Pupils in Geography have been working on a number of exciting projects over the year. This included students becoming estate agents and trying to sell a house near a major earthquake or volcano zone! A very tricky job for any estate agent! 

Year 8 and 9 pupils came up with an extensive property portfolio for prospective buyers. Not only did they have to design their own earthquake proof or volcano proof house – but they also had the challenge of reassuring their prospective buyers of the plan prepare and predict strategies in that area; as well as teach their prospective buyers about plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and earthquakes. It was a great point of conversation throughout the term and we can see some great estate agents in the making!

[000261]Throughout the year – we also investigated the link between sport and geography and discovered that there are much more links rather than just the weather and where different sports originated. The idea of inequality among the Brazilian World Cup and sustainability of the London Olympics were the key points of enquiry.

Year 7 pupils have worked on some fantastic projects including some very informative yet creative leaflets on the difference between weather and climate. In term 6 pupils began looking at ecosystems and Africa. Within this topic pupils challenged perceptions of Africa and the impact of tourism on Africa; as part of this, pupils designed their own piece of Africa highlighting the importance of preserving Africa’s rich culture, heritage and unique landscape.  

[000288]More recently pupils have been looking at the importance of rainforests and questioning why they are under threat and evaluating the possible impacts of this continued destruction. Pupils highlighted the importance of rainforests in the creation of their own rainforest superhero!

All of us agreed, already rainforests have unique powers such as supplying the world with oxygen, providing us with various resources from the invaluable life-saving medicines to the everyday essentials such as rubber, paper, soap and rope. Pupils shared their brilliant innovative and creative ideas on what other superpowers rainforests should have; particularly when deforestation is such a threat. If the rainforest was a superhero, what would it look like?

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Well done everyone!

Miss C Byrne
Teacher of Geography