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Welcome to Microsoft Office 365 and Bring Your Own Device

This is an exciting time to be a pupil at The Malling School. Many parents will agree that education has changed in so many ways since they were younger, and this year is truly revolutionary. Microsoft have recently offered their Office 365 product to qualifying schools for free.

What does this mean for my child? This means that The Malling School can now provide all pupils with access to the Microsoft Office Suite of applications in school, at home and on mobile devices, for free.

PMG_Image_WorkSeamless_570x315What is Microsoft Office 365? Office 365 consists of the following Microsoft applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. These apps can be used within a web browser, downloaded as free apps onto mobile devices or even installed onto a laptop, PC or Mac of your choice at home, for free. The service also includes 1Tb of online storage space per pupil called a One Drive, to store revision materials and school work, which is then accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Office Apps

In an age of ever changing technology, we accept that many pupils already have access to powerful mobile devices both at home and in their pockets. To enable our pupils to take full advantage of this new, highly accessible version of Microsoft Office, The Malling School will be launching a "Bring Your Own Device" initiative this school year. This means that any pupil, in any year will be able to bring laptops, netbooks, tablets or smartphones into school and connect them to our school wireless network, giving high speed access to Microsoft Office 365 and many other educational resources.

Educational activities may include, but are not limited to; researching information, learning through educational applications, producing documents, participating in surveys, producing videos, reading e-books, creating blogs, taking notes, or scheduling events.

We hope that by allowing unprecedented access to mobile technology within our School, as well as providing your child with the learning tools needed for every lesson, we will help develop greater independence, increase engagement in lessons, and develop the skills required to thrive in the 21st Century.

When does it launch? From Monday 28th September, pupils’ own mobile devices will be allowed onto the school network to be used to access resources, complete assignments, and for personal organization. Our ICT Department will be available in the hall at break time and lunchtime to collect permission slips and add mobile devices to the school network.

How does my child participate? For pupils to be able to take full advantage of The Malling School BYOD initiative, they must print and return a signed BYOD and Digital Citizenship Acceptable Use Agreement, indicating pupil acceptance of the school rules regarding personal mobile devices, as well as granting parental permission to bring a personal device into The Malling School. As has always been the case in lessons, use of any mobile device will be at the sole discretion of the teacher for educational purposes only. Any device brought into school remains the responsibility of the pupil and care should be taken to keep it safe. The school retains the right to confiscate mobile devices being used without the explicit permission of the teacher.

Do we need to buy our child a device? No, Office 365 will be available to all pupils whether they bring in a mobile device or not, however access to a personal learning device of their own will greatly increase their ability to work independently. This device could simply be their personal mobile phone, a tablet computer or laptop that they already own. Laptops and computers will still be available in lessons when necessary.

Will my child be disadvantaged by not having a mobile device? No, The Malling School still provides exceptional access to ICT on site and has recently invested in additional pupil laptops in departmental banks, as well as creating a new ICT suit in the Music Department. The BYOD initiative is not intended to replace these devices in any way.

What devices are suitable / compatible? All mobile devices are welcome, our systems are designed to be compatible with Microsoft Windows Tablets and Laptops, Android Phones and Tablets, even Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones, should you wish to use them. However, we cannot guarantee the level of integration we can offer on every device, i.e printing in school.

Office 365 compatability

As part of this initiative we have been working with one of our suppliers to offer parents/guardians the opportunity of purchasing IT equipment whilst benefiting from the school’s educational discounts and free delivery.

Along with the main documents below is a flyer which shows a small selection of what is available to order and how you can benefit from this service should you wish to use it. Please be aware that any order placed via UK Insight will be delivered to The Malling School and the ICT staff on site will contact you when your item is ready to collect.

Please note that The Malling School does not benefit from purchases from this supplier nor does it take any responsibility for such purchases. We are keen to provide parents with an informed selection of suitable, compatible devices and to pass on educational discounts to you.

It is not a requirement that you purchase a device via this channel, nor is it a requirement that any mobile devices are brought into The Malling School by our pupils. Our aim is simply to remove barriers to learning in a 21st century school.

If you have any further queries about the initiative or would like some advice about a suitable device, please do not hesitate in contacting our ICT Support Department on the following email address: BYOD@themallingschool.kent.sch.uk

Document Downloads

Below you will find printable copies of the BYOD and Digital Citizenship Acceptable Use Agreement, which is required before a Pupil device can join our BYOD network.

BYOD and Digital Citizenship Acceptable Use Agreement
Office 365 and BYOD Letter
Behaviour Policy
Mobile Device Policy