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Pupils can now access their email through Office 365

All pupils at The Malling School have now had their email moved into Office 365. This means that their Email, One Drive and Office Apps are all accessible from one single place.

When in school, all pupils need to do is open their internet browser and they will be directed to their Email Inbox within Office 365, this is now effectively their home page. From here they can use the app icon in the top left to navigate to the other office 365 apps including their one drive.

They should not need to enter any login details for Office 365 when in school, as the system uses single sign on. This is based on the currently logged in user on the computer that they are using.

When at home, pupils will need to use the “Office 365 Portal” link to access their school email, which can be found in the bottom right hand corner of The Malling School Website.

They will be prompted to login when off of the school site.

Pupils must now use their full email address when logging into Office 365. Pupil email addresses use their normal school login name and have the standard Malling School email address on the end as shown here:


Pupils will use their existing school password to access Office 365.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding Office 365 or Mobile devices on BYOD@themallingschool.kent.sch.uk