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Anthropology day at the Roehampton University

IMG_0368Raising aspirations with the IB and Social Anthropology:

Students in year 12 have been studying social and cultural anthropology as part of their IB programme, and so far have been learning about the basics of anthropology such as how to plan and undertake field work, to investigating different ideas of identity and what forms identity.

As part of their studies they were invited to take part in an anthropology day run by Roehampton University and the anthropology department. Students were given the opportunity to listen to and take part in a number of ‘mini’ lectures at the campus in West London. The first talks were on biological anthropology, with Professor Stuart Semple talking about his research on Barbary Macaques and their complex social needs, while Dr Todd Rae looked at the ‘hard tissue’ differences between homo sapiens, apes and monkeys.

Students were then given the opportunity to take a tour of the anthropology department, looking at their facilities such as teaching rooms and wet labs. After this, they then attended more lectures on topics ranging from ‘vampires, zombies and witchcraft’, to ‘monkey facebooking’, where they were shown how the Macaques have their own social networks which are even more complex than our own.

The day was rounded up with a talk from Dr Jonathan Skinner, who went through Roehampton’s anthropology departments’ record, from achieving a student satisfaction rating of 100% and 91% of students in education or work 6 months after their studies. The students were then given ideas of careers paths after studying an anthropology degree. In all the students came away feeling better informed of not only anthropology but also of university life and options at university.

“it was an enlightening experience because we expanded our knowledge of anthropology, on the history of it, the use of field studies and the range of studies available at degree level” Shane Moran