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Year 11 Student Article ‘La Comida’ project


This article was written by Grace Wheeler and Josh Steward, Year 11 students. Students on the photo: from left - Josh Steward, Grace Wheeler, Sam Smith, Gemma Fennell and Matthew Pettet.

As part of our ‘La Comida’ topic in GCSE Spanish, we recently had fun taste-testing typical Spanish food, all of which were different types of Spanish food that we learned in the topic.

Our favourite food that we tried were ‘Churros’, made by Josh Steward. These were sweet fried dough pastries covered in cinnamon sugar. We weren’t too keen on ‘aceitunas’ (olives) though.

The other food that we tried included ‘las galletas’ (biscuits), ‘la tortilla española’ (Spanish omelette), ‘chorizo’ (Spanish sausage), ‘pan duro’ (spiced dried bread) and we also drank ‘jugo de frutas tropicales’, which is a tropical fruit juice drink.

It was a very fun event and the food was ‘muy deliciosa’.