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A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents/Carers

At the end of a very successful Autumn term we naturally think about the new term ahead and preparations for 2016 and beyond.  We were very pleased to find out last week that we have had record numbers of applications for September and have already been discussing how we are going to plan carefully to manage the growth and to ensure that we keep the small school feel that parents like.  Please be assured that this planning will be thorough so that the expansion has only a positive effect on the education that we provide for our pupils.

The increase in pupil numbers over the past few years has inevitably brought increased traffic on the roads at the start and end of school.  Whilst the vast majority of our parents are considerate, I have been asked by our neighbours to remind you about appropriate parking and observance of the parking regulations around the school when you are picking up children.  I am keen to remain on good terms with our neighbours who are generally supporters of the school in the local community and I ask parents to try to park in roads other than Beech Road to keep the entrance and exit routes clear for traffic to flow.  I am also concerned that inconsiderate and illegal parking and driving is endangering our children and have asked the relevant authorities to monitor the situation in the mornings and evenings.  I have also written to taxi companies to remind them of our expectations when they are on and around our site.

The Christmas holidays are a good time to get all uniform up to the required standard and we will be expecting all pupils to come back to school in full uniform.  It is our policy to refuse entry to the school to pupils not having the correct uniform and they will continue to be sent home at the gates if they arrive incorrectly dressed.  As well as ensuring your child has the correct items of uniform could I ask you to pay particular attention to our policy on piercings and hair colour.  We do not accept piercings anywhere other than one stud in each ear and all hair must be of a natural colour.  We have recently sent pupils home with red or purple highlights in their hair which I am hoping is just a reflection of the festive season and will not continue to be an issue in the new year.

Finally, I thank you for all your support this year and look forward to continuing to work together in 2016.  I send you and your family my best wishes for the festive season and I hope that you have a successful and prosperous new year.

Yours sincerely

Carl Roberts