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We Congratulate our Hidden Heroes!


IMG_1967On 22 April we held our fourth annual Hidden Heroes event. Staff were asked to nominate one or two pupils who, in their eyes are the Hidden Heroes in our school.  These are the pupils who sometimes go unrecognised for their constant effort and hard work.

They are pupils who are always punctual, smartly dressed and do their class work to the very best of their ability. Many of our more understated, humbler and quieter pupils were invited to become a Hidden Hero. They were nominated for their contribution to their tutor groups, their constant hard work in lessons or for their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Thirty-nine pupils and their parents, carers and grandparents were invited to join us for afternoon tea in celebration of their achievements. They are also allowed to wear a special badge on their uniform to show they have received the hidden heroes award.

We would like, once again to congratulate all our pupils who were nominated for this award.

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