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Learning to manage their finances

During a recent performing arts lesson at The Malling School Year 11 GCSE students were tasked with devising a new dramatic piece set in the future, 100 years hence.  Rather than looking at a sci-fi story, students were considering the impact that changes in education policy, climate change and environment or the world-wide financial situation might have on young people

Having read of financial guru, Martin Lewis’s campaign to make financial education part of the school curriculum, teachers at Holmesdale and The Malling School are already ahead of the game.

The uncertainty of the financial climate going forward is very much at the forefront of everyone’s minds across the Malling Holmesdale Federation and enriches lessons across the curriculum, particularly in light of the Raising of the Participation Age in Education or RPA and the rising cost of university education. 

Teacher at The Malling School, Mrs Helen Baker, said: “At The Malling School, over the past three to four years we have been determined to ensure that students have received some financial capability education, delivered through Citizenship or Social Values lessons.” Students undertake their own budgeting projects, such as planning a major family event or sharing a flat, where they have to stay within budget whilst calculating weekly or monthly costs for all bills.

“I now know not to spend over my budget”, Danny Atkinson-Crook, 13
“The lessons have really helped me with my awareness of budgeting”, Bobbie Waterworth, 13