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Debate Society Takes Next Step

Ref Assembly 1Since the new year, The Malling School has been developing a new debate society, promoting the oracy and critical thinking skills of its students.  We have had students from all year groups in attendance and have debated a wide variety of subjects ranging from whether compulsory PE should be a part of the school curriculum, to major societal issues such as whether euthanasia can ever be considered acceptable.  Pupils have impressed their teachers with mature and well researched arguments which they have delivered with growing confidence in each passing week.

Next Tuesday, March 7th, the society will be visited by ambassadors from the University of Kent after school.  These highly skilled academic young people will work with our students to develop their emerging skills even further and to train them to debate competitively with other schools.  This event will take place in R17 from 3:30PM – 4:30PM.  We extend a warm invitation to all students, regardless of whether they have previously taken part in the debate society, to join us to learn more about this exciting activity.

The debate society also meets on Wednesday lunchtimes in R11.  All pupils are welcome.