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Listen to me read

Following our continued success in raising pupils’ reading ages through our regular interventions, we would like to invite even more parents to get involved with our ‘Listen to me read’ scheme.

To make the best progress, pupils are expected to read for between 20 and 30 minutes every day. Understandably, some of our pupils need a little extra support to achieve this. The ‘Listen to me read’ scheme invites parents to our school to help those pupils by, quite simply, supporting them as you listen to them read.

The school uses Accelerated Reading and Star Testing to regularly test our pupils’ reading ages. Such close tracking of reading ages identifies the pupils who will most benefit from extra support with their reading.

If you would like to support our school through our ‘Listen to me read’ scheme, please contact Chloe Norley at Chloe.Norley@themallingschool.kent.sch.uk or telephone on 01732 840995.