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Labour Surge at Speakers’ Corner following visit from Dylan Jones



On the final day of campaigning, The Malling School’s Speakers’ Corner saw a strong turnout of Labour supporters. What has now become a tradition at the school – giving anyone who wishes a stage to speak – Speakers’ Corner had its first-ever professional politician, Labour’s Dylan Jones, speak to drum up support for the party. 

As he set out Labour’s policies on the economy and healthcare, chants of “Labour! Labour! Labour!” rang out through the quad as a crowd of pupils gathered round. Once again, TMS is reflecting the mood of the country.

For the past two years, TMS has been an unnervingly accurate bellwether for what happens in the big elections. So for an early indication of what’s going to happen nationally when polls close, follow TMS media when our election results will be announced around 15:00 tomorrow.

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