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Marlowe Theatre Stretch and Challenge Reward Trip

On Thursday 22nd June, The Malling School rewarded a selection of key stage 3 pupils for surpassing their Accelerated Reader targets. To celebrate, we took them to Canterbury’s Marlowe to enjoy The National Theatre perform their interpretation of Jane Eyre, which was lauded for its innovative take on the classic text.

Nineteenth century literature features prominently in English literature and language GCSEs so the performance was a wonderful opportunity to prepare, stretch and challenge some of KS3’s most avid readers (although, many had already experienced and enjoyed the novel). 

The pupils were delighted with the performance and praised the show. Year 7’s Miranda Money-Noriega – reading age of 16 years 6 months – explained, “While the story remained the same, it was really clever that its themes of love and inequality were presented in a modern way through dance, music and lighting, reminding the modern audience why the story is so powerful.” Year 7’s Sophie Clark – also with a reading age of 16 years 6 months (which is actually the maximum age you can get!) – said, “It was great to see my first ever grownup performance.”

Year 12 International Baccalaureate English students also went on the trip. Sophie Smith was instantly inspired to begin reading Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea alongside Jane Eyre to develop a postcolonial viewpoint of Bertha Mason/ Antoinette Cosway so furthering her understanding of the character.

Ms. Riggs, Head of English, said, “I was impressed by all the pupils’ concentration – it was a challenging play. Their responses were wonderful.” The pupils and staff all agreed the trip was educational and very enjoyable. 

There will also be a reading picnic later in the term to celebrate all pupils who hit their Accelerated Reader targets across the year.