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Y7 Trip to France

Last Friday, 30 June 2017, 43 students in Y7 went on a school trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer on the Northern Coast of France, just south of Calais. For some of these students it was their first experience of a trip abroad and overall, the trips was very enjoyable.

We started the day at the Pain Show to have a go at making French pancakes. ‘Pain’ means bread in French. Students were shown how to make French pancakes using yeast to make them lighter, they then went to the kitchen and tried their pancake flipping skills before eating their pancake. The whole experience was an immersion in French cooking in French.

The restaurant owner also made an edible gift to our students made of almond paste with the name of the school and the Boulogne Cathedral. In the afternoon, we visited the old town centre before heading off to Nausicáa, the sea life centre where students saw lots of interesting sea wild life, which highlights the importance of sea life and ocean conservation.

Despite a short delay on the Eurotunnel on our way back to the UK, the trips was very enjoyable for students and staff and we hope to do it again next year.

‘I enjoyed the French trip because it was fun going to lots of different places I have never seen before. My favourite place was Nausicáa, the sea life centre. This is because I liked seeing all of the different fish and sea creatures.’

‘The French trip was very successful. The best part was the aquarium, but everything went well in my opinion.’

‘I really enjoyed the French trip. I like making the pancakes and going shopping. I liked going to Nausicáa and seeing the fish and the jellyfish.’

‘I liked going to the French trip because of all the new places we went to. My favourite part was the sea life centre. The best bit was seeing all the different sea creatures.’

‘The French trip was brilliant. It was an exciting experience to go to France. We had an amazing time making pancakes. We also went shopping and saw lots of sea animals. Thank you to all the teachers for taking us there.’

‘I liked the French trip because we went to the sea life centre, we had free time, we went to the pancake factory and went on the Eurotunnel. At the sea life centre we saw sharks, sea horses and other exciting things. At the end, there was a delay, so I went to Burger King at the Eurotunnel terminal. Thank you, Miss for taking us there.’

‘Thank you, Miss for making this trip go well.’