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World Languages Day

On June the 23rd, 25 students in Year 8 participated at the World Languages Day organised by the University of Kent. The students took part in different language workshops in the languages they are studying as well as in a range of world languages like Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin, Ancient Greek and German.

The day started with a science lesson in Spanish where students where shown the different states of water and how it changes from a solid frozen state to a liquid and a gas. In French, students were shown how to write poems and in what other countries in the world French is spoken. In the afternoon, students were able to show their language skills at the languages fair, where there were plenty of goodies available free.

The small price to pay was that they had to ask for them in any language. They also had a go at salsa and African drumming. In the afternoon, students participated in workshops to learn how to write in hirigama, one of the three types of Japanese alphabet. Students also had to write role-plays in French and Spanish and act them out using puppets.

They also learnt about Greek mythology and the Greek alphabet and did a presentation to the other participating schools on cyclops and other figures of the Ancient Greek World. Chelsea Dehoa-Addo and her team, who very confidently presented their work in one of the large University Lecture Halls, won the competition.

‘ I loved the trip because it  was fun learning and speaking different languages. The thing I really enjoyed was the puppet workshop because we made a scene in both Spanish and French.’

‘ I loved the trip because it was fun and we got to use our speaking in the fair.’

‘ I really enjoyed the trip. It really portrayed the significance of languages today and the days ahead. I felt I had underestimated languages. After the trip I feel that languages are very important for me.’

‘ It was really enjoyable and it made me realise how much and how important languages can be.’

‘I loved the University trip because it was a lot of fun as in the Ancient Greek workshop we got to make models of cyclops, sheep and cheese with Miss Lopez.’

‘¡Es muy interesante! It was the best trip I’ve been in this year’

‘I really liked the trip on Friday because I learnt a lot in a really fun way. My favourite activity was the African drumming because I really like music and I learnt a little bit of the Jamaican language.’

‘I enjoyed the Heroes and Divas of the Ancient World workshop because I got to learn Greek and do history. It was fun when I worked in a group to make a poster for the presentation.’

‘We had a lovely introduction to the college and even had a bit of Spanish incorporated. I had a French lesson first which was quite fun because we had to mark where certain countries were. My second lesson was a Portuguese quiz, which I did not win. Then, we had lunch and we got free things if we asked from them in a different language. There was also Salsa dancing and I had a puppet workshop, which was fun. Then we went to the plenary session and prizes were given out. Thank you for a fun day!’